People make the place you work in, meet our teams and you’ll know there’s nothing more true. The same efforts go into creating everything big, and small with excitement that continues to grow. We are thrilled to complete every season with more flourish than the last.


When work makes it all worthwhile, you know you are in the right place. Keeping the team positive from all quarters from the top to the floor, means there’s always something great to look forward to.
Fun events, office gatherings off-site and skill building programmes make sure the productivity of the teams continues to grow.


Behind every finely created product is a story of the smart implementation of ethical practices; smooth and structured in every way.

When all of our best efforts and experiments come together to deliver quality that lasts, they turn spectacular and what you wear is not just awesome, you feel it all over.
Exceeding expectations is what we believe in doing everyday.

Our Mission

At HASBRO CLOTHING we work continually to be one of the country’s leading designers and manufacturers of men’s clothing by staying on the pulse of trends – today and tomorrow.


Our mission is to compete with the best in international men’s fashion by staying focused on the facets of creativity in thought, understanding of design and uncompromising quality.


By working with diverse talents across various disciplines; remaining inclusive, secular and sensitive to those who work with us, we understand that our growth lies in creatively exploring what our human resources have to offer.


Our work force is a proud composition of empowered women and men, made to break down any stereotypes.


To us, work life balance is not an option, it is a necessity.

Our Vision

We @ HASBRO CLOTHING , aspire to attract a dynamic workforce to be part of our HASBRO FAMILY to create and sustain a culture of idea exchange that redefines the possibilities of fashion, through menswear.


We envision our brand among the leading fashion retailers of the world, by training our resources to keep an eye on tomorrow with a finger on today, predicting trends not only in design but the evolution of talent as well.


Diversity and inclusion will always remain a priority in our business – among teams in our offices or with consumers at our stores. The company’s growth and development is measured not only by the products we create but in how our human resources encounter opportunities and challenges that come their way.


Using communication, technology and marketing to our best, we will stay connected to our customers, committed to providing them the very best.